Pre/Post Oral Conscious Sedation

  1. If you are given an anti-anxiety medication to take the night before treatment, please take as directed.
  1. Alcohol consumption is not recommended 8 hours prior to your appointment or for 12 hours after your appointment.
  1. Eat a light meal 1 ½–2 hours prior to your treatment (e.g., piece of toast, half a bagel, fruit, etc.)
  1. No stimulants (such as caffeine) on the day of your appointment.
  1. Take your regular medications as usual unless otherwise specified by your physician or endodontist.
  1. Please arrive 1 hour before your scheduled appointment to take the triazolam.
  1. You must be driven to and picked up from your appointment by a responsible companion over the age of 18. After you get home, someone should stay with you to observe your recovery.
  1. Plan to take the day off from work on the day of your treatment.
  1. Once you arrive at the office and take the triazolam, you must not leave the office unescorted.
  1. Please remove any acrylic nails and/or dark nail polish before your appointment.
  1. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive for 12 hours after your appointment.
  1. We request you drink plenty of water after your appointment to keep yourself well hydrated.


Please follow this link to open a print friendly version of these instructions.